About Us

KOTSA is a handcrafted label started in 2015 , with the aim of bringing indian handicrafts made from wood , iron , brass and other metals combined with cotton and textiles products made in India . Our emphasis is to bring the craftsmen and their products to people all around the world , where the art and craft is combined with recycled resources along with getting work to hundreds of people and filling the lifecycle of their families. India is a country of people where colors and crafts are a big number and their quality is more well spoken , products are handmade , unlikely the sources are good and quality is much defined for ages.Indian handicrafts is very famous all among the world , and artists are well known for their work .

Sawais is fully positive to deliver products and services on time and more then people expect , We are aiming on the best modes for delivering our services and products throughout the world , Our products speak its own quality , they are customised according to users needs and the same goes with our delivery services for our customers and clients all across the world . We work with various platforms and different sections of business and services . Only accentuate the positive! With our workflow we only have postive goals and positivity reflections.

At Sawais , we are keen in taking interest in global business and platforms , if you have an idea , if you have a business to expand , if you want investors , if you want to create marketing channel for your products or services , we run the show for you , We are a team of professionals working under one team to make young enterpreneurs succeed in different parts of the world . The globe is big only when we have never been out of our home or workspace , once you are out of the zone , there is a big market and a big space waiting for your work to know you . Few main factors to run the business needs Growth Risk Team Networking Positive attitude Investors and Financing Business expansion

Sawais , formerly known under different tabs with a group of companies called Amit Udyog and Arihant Polymers was dealing with a large range of safety products and equipments catering to 150 steel factories and plans based in Rajasthan , Formed by Mr. Sawai Singh Kothari . The business firms were mainly famous in their times and very good for their trade and manufacturing of different materials along with cotton base. Mr.Amit Kothari , the founder of SAWAIS , took the initiative to form the different categories of business in one umbrella and named it SAWAIS Now Sawais runs its business and services around the globe with an extensive network of partners and associates around.Mainly focusing on : Safety Products Queue Management Systems Exports of Handicrafts , Furniture , Textiles & Jewelery Spiritual & Yoga ProductsEcommerce Web Platforms Blockchain based TechnologyIT Consulting , Web & Mobile ApplicationsBusiness ConsultingCompany Formation and…

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There is a saying , I cannot do this , I cannot do that , At Sawais , we do not work with cannot , you name and we do it or try to do our best to reach the stage .We never say never , we always accept the situations , analyse them and try to do our best .A risk is always rewarded and so is business success strategies planned . A failure is the key to success and so is success rewarded , We do not need to work only for results or success , keep the work going and results will come to us always .

Sawais , works on the mission of achieving and working by team , a group , people together . We work , they work , we rise they rise , or vice versa.A traveler , a freelancer , an individual , everyone can be a part of our team.Rise and growth are two common words always needful and expected in any kind of business , so as here, we strive towards success at each step and try our best to furnish the goals .